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To The Boy With The Green Sweater

I won’t say your name here
They are too much
Too powerful
They hold secrets and whispers of the truth within them
And this particular truth I would rather keep hidden

This is not a love letter
For love letters usually expect some reciprocal of love
But I know you will never love me

This is not a confession of feelings
Where I pour my love out to you
And give you my heart and soul
For I’m losing my heart slowly
So I don’t really have any to give to you

This is a letting go poem
An apology poem
So that maybe if I let these words fill the page maybe maybe maybe I’ll be able to forget the fact that I’ll never feel your lips against mine
Or your voice in my ear claiming me as your own

I don’t know what it’s like to wake up in your arms
Or to run my fingers through your brown hair
Or to tell you the deepest parts of my soul that I don’t even let myself know

I wish I knew what it’s like to hold your love carefully in my heart

But I don’t

And she does

So that’s why I’m sorry for ever loving you.

Lily Rain (via wont-time-love-us)
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You told me if it couldn’t be you then I should find someone who will love me more than I could possibly love him.
Alianity 102014, 1755 (The Things He’s Said…)
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mango, coconut, and orange vodka crush.
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